Kevin and Maria Martens left to begin their new ministry in Montevideo, Uruguay with Avant Mission at the end of August. They were blessed to have an apartment to move into upon their arrival. Pray for them as they begin this new ministry. Also, pray for their children who will again be adjusting to life apart from their parents.

Terry and Rosie Banman continue to join in the effort of tribal missions in Papua New Guinea (New Tribes Mission). They report that the translation of the Bible continues in many tribal languages, as well as several locations that are nearly ready to be taught the Bible in their heart language for the first time. Pray that God’s spirit would move in the hearts of the people and God would multiply his church in Papua New Guinea.

Pray for Jacob Ginter (World Team) and his family.  His father, Pastor Cornie Ginter, recently passed away at the age of 88.

Pray for Elsie Reimer as she continues to serve with NCEM. Pray that God would strengthen her for the challenges of life and ministry.

Cornie and Adrianna Fehr (Children of Hope) returned to Manitoba briefly in August to spend some time with family and friends. Pray for them as they continue to serve in Mexico.

Peter and Lesley Doerksen. Pete recently returned from a teaching trip to Ghana. The focus was on training pastors in Ghana to study the word of God. They also shared the gospel at schools and in open air markets. Also, Lesley and Kelsey were able to make a separate trip to Ghana to lead a VBS program. Pray that God would continue to use them and their ministry in Africa.

Pray for Russ and Nancy Sullivan (New Tribes Mission). They have faced many family challenges recently and continue to seek God’s guidance going forward.