The following are some of the Missionaries who are supported by the Christian Mennonite Conference:


  • Terry & Rosie B. - serving with New Tribes Mission in Papua New Guinea.  View their profile on NTM's website.
  • Michael & Rosalie D. - church planters serving in Manitoba.
  • Peter & Leslie D. - serving with Equip2Serve.
  • Robynn F. - serving at the Grunthal Dropzone Youth Centre.
  • Duane & Sylvia G. - serving with Roseau River Bible Camp (One Hope Canada).
  • Jacob & Karen G. - serving with WorldTeam in Guelph, Ontario.  Find out more about their ministry by visiting
  • Brett & Candace L. - serving with Ministry to Africans in Canada (Manitoba).
  • Kevin & Maria M. - serving with Avant Ministries in Uruguay.
  • Rick & Ana R. - serving at Camp Cedarwood (Youth for Christ).
  • Kassandra S. - serving with Youth for Christ in Manitoba.
  • Russ & Nancy S. - serving with New Tribes Mission in Ontario.  View their profile on NTM's website.
  • Peter W. - pastor for the CMC's Low German radio ministry, Dee Harrlijche Bootschaft.


For a full list of missionaries and contact information, please contact the CMC Missions Board or the conference office.